Árpád Nagy Abonyi
Room with a View

The shower whips the conker-avenue of the nearby park. The light of dived sun break through the curtain of raindrops. In the high-green grass early-autumn-intimated blinks some yellow, wet leaves as an gold coins.

I am sitting in my Maastrichtian 2nd floors workroom. I am look out the opened window and I see the opposite typical Dutch house which is staying on the corner of the park. I see as one tall, blonde woman steps to the big, curtain-devoid window and fires a candle in the blurry premises. At this time discernible in the inside of the room the figures of two another women by the big table with a bottle wine. The tall, blonde slowly goes to them and puts the candle up the table. She sits down, they smile, they clinking glasses. On the wall vibrate the shadows.

Beneath on the pavement, under the conker-avenue, in the slowly-growing dusk draws an one queer couple. The old lady is sitting in the electric invalid chair, and hangs on in her hand one yellow umbrella. Her other, free hand is on the push-button; she get on quite fast. Behind her one broken, very old man, without umbrella. He is visible very tired, his wet, grey hair falls in his face. He gasped and hopelessly calls the old lady. In vain, but they evidently cohere.

They coming wholly about; on the face of the woman desperate animosity. Her clenched lips is an downward drooped relentless ray. But the red lustre of traffic light it seems to brook for a moment the obdurate rigorous witch crinkles the face oft the old lady. The old man just in this moment arrived, when the traffic lights changes to green. He leans above her and with a tremulous voice something explains. The old woman stares at before her; the ray-mouth changed in a forbidding half-smile. Suddenly she furls the umbrella and once or twice forceful inflict on the man. The bashes bangs; in the temporarily staying cars vacant countenances.

Shortly the old lady statisfully puts her forefinger on the push-button of the invalid chair. The old man stays double upped few seconds. His face (which is not determined the tears of the drops of the shower runs down quickly) yanks, while he look after the move offs woman.

In this moment on the grass of the park run across one wet, raw-boned dog. In the opposite house the three women newly smiles; clinks glasses.